Dimitra Koutoumanos

Independent Midwife


My services are aimed at women who wish to be accompanied by a midwife during their pregnancy, homebirth and postpartum. I want to adress women who miss the physiological and resource-oriented view on this particular time.
I take evidence-based findings of midwifery and obstetrics into account. At the same time, I believe that pregnant women, women giving birth and mothers need to be primarily protected from unnecessary interventions and that these must be always justified.

Change must come from women themselves.
When the time is right, they will demand their rights.
The same will happen to midwives when they remember how birth could be.

I see a future in which midwives and gynecologists work in partnership for the best of women and their families.
Where informed and free choices are possible.
I look forward to humanisation of childbirth.