Independent Midwifery Services


Prenatal Care

Starting from Conception

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Together we will issue your maternal health passport (Mutterpass) and schedule your ongoing prenatal care plan. You are free to decide whether you want to visit me, your gynecologist, or both alternately. Especially in the later stages of your pregnancy it is recommended that we meet more often to better get to know each other and establish a relationship of trust.

On a regular appointment I will calculate your actual week of pregnancy, measure your blood pressure, test your urine and blood, ask about perceived changes in your body, palpate your womb, estimate the size and position of your baby, listen to the fetal heartbeat and address any concern you might have.

Throughout your physiological pregnancy I will help you and your partner to prepare for your homebirth.

Please contact me even if you are having a miscarriage, so that we can discuss your options and needs.



Welcome your new baby at home

After good preparation troughout pregnancy, when labor begins, you will be able to just stay at home. As soon as you need assistance, you will have 1:1 support by me. When it comes to birth, I work in a team of the midwives, so that there are two extra skilled helping hands if needed. 

We as homebirth midwives are specialized in the art of knowing when to do “nothing” by allowing, supporting and monitoring your physiological progress of labor and birth and detecting any deviations early. We maintain a protected environment shielding the birthing mother from unnecessary interventions.

After birth you will be able to rest with your family and receive support with initial breastfeeding and handling of the baby.

Please also take a look at the Q&A page.

Postpartum Care

The first weeks with your new family member

In a postpartum home visit I will ensure your, your baby’s and your family’s wellbeing. More precisely, I will help you with breast or bottle feeding, monitor your baby’s weight and growth, observe your baby’s jaundice, check the involution of your uterus and advise you in your healing and recovery process.